During Pregnancy

Feet during pregnancy

The increase in body weight during pregnancy can alter your walking pattern and can sometimes cause foot problems like leathery skin and corns. Also, if the feet can’t support the 
body properly, it may cause pain in the knees, hips and
lower back.

How to take care of your feet during pregnancy

Shoes with low heels and cushioned insole supports can help relieve discomfort, as can wearing shoes with gel inserts in their soles that absorb shock from walking. During pregnancy it’s common for your feet to increase by 1 or 2 sizes, so make sure you’re wearing the right size shoes too. Treatment of dry, leathery skin requires a regular foot care regimen. A pumice stone, file and exfoliating cream can help get rid of dead cells and encourage the re-growth of new, healthy skin. Daily application of a hydrating cream improves skin elasticity and prevents dryness and hardening that may lead to the development of corns and thick hard skin. In the last trimester especially, it’s a good idea to raise your legs during the day to give your lower limbs relief from tiredness and swelling. It may help to use a cream or refreshing spray to restore tone and energy to feet and legs too. Moderate exercise, such as swimming and walking, is ideal to improve blood circulation and muscle tone, while a diet with a reduced sodium intake reduces swelling.

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