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Amopé® means “love my feet” in Portuguese and was created out of the idea that beauty and skin care shouldn’t stop at the ankles. This drives our mission to make it easy for you to love every step. 

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Give your feet the love they deserve

Renew and transform your feet with the Amopé® Pedi Perfect Advance Electronic Foot File or the Amopé® Pedi Perfect Pro Electronic Rechargeable Foot File. Both of our devices are simple to use and ergonomically designed with a soft touch handle.

Discover silky smooth and soft feet with our specially designed Microlumina roller headers. These roller heads are long-lasting, designed with micro-abrasive particles that smooth hard skin effortlessly and leave you with visibly, touchably smooth feet.

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What People Are Saying…

Angel Love


Works great! I have bought this for a second time. It is a great way to keep up on feet in between pedis. The first time I bought it I was in desperate need of pedi due to the closures of covid. First, I used the callus remover, followed by a pumice stone and foot scrub. Finally, the pedimask that left me feeling like I just left the salon.

Me & Hubby


I love my Amope. lt works so well my husband asked for one of his own!

Being able to get refills literally thrills me…



I love the Amope product. Wasn’t able to find refills at my local Walmart. Ordering online was fast and easy. The refills arrived in record time. Price is great.



I love my Amope Pedi, really works well. I’d buy from this company again, very responsive, quick delivery and excellent customer service.

Erin G.


Love it! I bought one about two years ago and lost it in my move across country. I’ve tried to find them in store, but everyone is out. I can’t live without this miracle device. It keeps my feet looking and feeling great all the time. Best $20.00 I’ve ever spent.


How often can I use the Electronic Foot File?

It can be used on hard skin as often as needed, though we recommend once or twice a week. Do not use on skin that is red, irritated, inflamed, infected or blistered.

How do I know when I’ve finished/removed enough hard skin?

We advise that you only use the foot file for 3-4 seconds at a time and check every few seconds both visually and by touching the area to assess progress. If unsure, do not proceed, but wait a few days to see whether further treatment is required.

Does the Electronic Foot File remove callous?

The Amope® Pedi Perfect Foot File buffs away hard skin in minutes, leaving you with beautifully soft feet that you will want to show off!

How often do I need to replace roller heads?

Usage varies from person to person but typically each roller head will continue to be fully effective for 30-40 minutes continuous usage. How long they last will depend on the frequency and duration of usage, but for a typical consumer this will be around 8-10 uses.

Is the Electronic Foot File only intended for women or can men use it too?

The Electronic Foot File can be used by both men and women who suffer from hard skin on the feet. The same precautions and exclusions apply to both women and men. The device should never be used on children or those who suffer from diabetes or poor blood circulation.

At Amopé®, we believe your feet (should) look great, feel great with every step.

With the right care, the right tools, your feet can be transformed and renewed. Because when you show your feet the love they deserve, it shows. Amopé®. Fall in love with your feet.

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