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feet happy

Soft and scented skin, perfect nails and maximum comfort even in high heels – this is the treatment your feet get with Amopé.

A beauty routine for your feet

Relaxing evenings

Sit back on your sofa and treat yourself to an Express Pedicure treatment for beautiful and luxuriously soft feet.

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A fix for your feet

For information on foot related problems.
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Problems and Solutions
What do your feet suffer from?

Step by step

Get your feet moving, enjoy the scenery, burn those cake calories and spend time with friends – it's time to go for a walk! Are you ready?

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Extra Rich Skin Recovery Cream
The unique formula hydrates your skin overnight with 8 different moisturizers.

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Electronic Foot File
The Amopé™ Pedi Perfect™ Electronic Foot File is an electric hard skin remover for the professional removal of hard and tough skin at home.

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-Amopé Top Tip-

Like the models

If you’re standing on high heels for a long time, use the catwalk trick models use. You touch your heel down first, then push the balls of your feet forward.